I started working with trainer Richard almost three years ago now and have not regretted a single session. Richard listens to your goals and develops a unique exercise program to help get you fit! Each session is challenging, but fulfilling and produces results. For anyone seeking an affordable, enriching and personalized experience, I highly recommend you reach out to Richard to be your trainer. My journey to better physical health (and mental health) is happening because of him! -PJ-

“Richard has been a phenomenal personal trainer! I started working with him about 5 months ago after recovering from COVID, at a point where my stamina and breathing was more difficult and I had no set structure of exercise. Richard worked with me, considering my ongoing recovery and always pushed me enough but never too far where I was in pain or hurt myself. As a female, I also have always felt comfortable working with him. Richard is flexible with his time and was able to create online sessions with me when he relocated to a new city.  I find value in training with Richard because he varies the movements each workout so I never get bored, is willing to work with me to make the sessions affordable so I can continue working with him. The best result has not only been that there is a noticeable difference in my physique and strength, but that I feel more confident going into the gym and integrating healthy exercise into my life consistently.  He truly takes a whole body, holistic health approach to his clients. He’s also knowledgeable in nutritional guidance along with exercise f you are looking for more support. I appreciate how Richard provided me with therapeutic movements for specific muscle groups or joints; if my knees or wrists (carpal tunnel pain) are hurting that day, he customizes movements to alleviate tension. I cannot recommend Richard enough. I’ve been been able to get my partner back into weight training after a few sessions with Richard! He knows his stuff and provides the feedback that makes the online sessions worth it. “  -Elani-

I am the CEO of Adrenal Alternatives Foundation for which Richard has been an active volunteer and board member for years. His in depth knowledge of the human body, nutrition and also his compassion for humanity makes him an extremely valuable asset to not only my organization, but also the world itself. I would highly recommend Richard’s expertise to anyone seeking to improve their health and wellness. His compassionate soul and desire to help others is truly the fuel behind his business. -Winslow E. Dixon-