How to Cope with Burnout

The first and most important thing to understand for yourself is why are you burned out in the first place. Sometimes we think we know why we are burned out but then when we stop and mediate and mindfully think on it we often times find out it might be for a reason we don’t want to admit. I myself have experienced this a time or two.

Some of the top reasons for being burned out (professionally speaking) is there is no room for growth and advancement, you do not like working for your boss, or you work far too many hours and are unable to recover. People don’t often quit their jobs, they quit their employer – specifically the person they work for. Often times they love the job itself.

I once had a job that I actually liked, but I didn’t like who I worked fr so I ended up quitting. Though I don’t recommend quitting without a back up plan. I ended up looking on the side while keeping my current job (despite the stresses) and managed to get accepted with a new employer so I could comfortably resign.

Though sometimes all we have to do is reframe the situation we are in and look at it from a different angle. If you are working too many hours maybe have someone be trained to back up your position so you can take some much needed time off without the stress of coming back to piles of work. Maybe ask your boss if there is anything more to can do to add value. Most employers will like to have someone on their team who is constantly looking for ways to add value. Sometimes people feel there is no opportunity for growth and advancement but did you ask for the opportunity?

Though sometimes we have to go with our gut and if it feels right maybe it is time to search for a new job opportunity or career that will be more satisfying. No job is worth absorbing high levels of stress. Always remember one thing, you have to look out for you. And if that means starting fresh in a new career job then sometimes it’s what we have to do. Sometimes bad situations pave the way for amazing and unbelievable opportunities. All you have to do is trust the universe and take that chance.

Loving and Finding Yourself

I once thought this was a very simple process, I once thought I had found myself and loved myself. Why I started this blog and ultimately the purpoe of this business is because I am slowly finding out that life is about constantly being reborn and discovering yourself and more importanly not only loving yourself but continuing to love yourself. I want to help others rediscover themselves through wellness not just in the physical sphere but the mental, emotional, and spiritual sphere as well. Wellness does not just emcompass the physical body. But the stresses and the anxiety that exisit in an emotional and mental level can significanntly affect our physical body. The good and the bad, we all have that part of ourselves we don’t like and don’t want to share. I very recently came to realize the scars and wounds that I thought I buried in the past decades ago thinking they were gone. But that was just it, I buried them and covered them up rather than acknowledging they were there and worked through it. So when they came to be re exposed and reared their ugly head, it was a rude awakening for me and a very hard lesson in life to learn. It was a painful but necessary step to begin to heal from the tramuas and scars from the past. To acknowdelge parts of myself that I did not accept or love. Then to be able to over come and transfrom into a new enhanced version of myself. I will not say that I am fully there and I am certainly not human, but I am quickly taking steps everyday to get there. I am a better version of myself now than I was a few months ago. It is ok to not be ok, it is ok to feel vulnerable and to experience your emotions. It is important to let them out and not bury them or bottle them up. I have done that for far too long and trust me the longer I waited the more difficult it was to address these parts of myself, my wounds that I never addressed. I am not able to love others or even help others until I love and respect mysefl first. You are valued, you are number one, you are special and unique and always remember that.

Every new day is an opportunity, to start new, start over and to manifest the life you want. It starts with our thoughts, it starts with what we entertain and the feelings we give into. Through discipline, and integrity even through the hardships we fortify our strengths and our ability to grow into a better version of ourselves. Everyday we strive to connect more and learn. Please know that you are important, that you are worthy of all the happiness and joy you could imagine and want. We must embody that which we want to receive, we must be at an energetic match. It does take time and effort, but I know in time you can and will achieve that which your heart desires. May the epiphanies continue to find you and reveal themselves to you, may your eyes continue to be opened. May this prayer reach your heart and soul when you need it most. May the light of who you are grow ever bigger and brighter, much love to you. May peace & joy envelope you today and everyday and reinvigorate your life with meaning and new found purpose. To whoever is reading this, you got this! You are stronger and more powerful than you know.

Overwhelmed with Life?

Are you looking to get fit or be in better health but just don’t have enough time in a day to get it in? Unsure of what to do? Overwhelmed with life such that with the little time you do have you’re not sure what you can do? Work constraints, deadlines, time too and from work, family obligations, etc. all of these things can make it difficult to have a better relationship with with our health.

It’s easy to feel like thee isn’t enough time in a day for exercise especially with a busy life. Maybe you have kids too, maybe you’re at work all day in a high stress job that requires a lot of time or even travel away from home. Often times we believe we need to be at a gym to exercise and we can’t do it from the comfort of our homes (or even at work)

What if you can do it from home or work? How would that make you feel? What if there was a way to get it in at work even without sweating? Would you be interested? What if it started out as little as 5 minutes a day? Would you be interested in learning more?

You are a successful business minded professional who gives more than you take and you should not feel like getting in exercise for better health is overwhelming or impossible. I have been there before working endless hours and not having the energy even for exercise. The time I did have I wanted something quick and effective. What if I had a solution for you? In as little as 3 months get you on your way. Eliminating the time barriers and eliminating the belief that you can’t do it from home or even incorporate it in your work day.

With my guidance I will guarantee you will be able to comfortably and effortlessly fit exercise into your weekly life and you won’t feel like it’s another task. You will still have time for your work obligations and will still have time with your family. You will even have more energy, clarity and mental focus too. Message me or contact me to book a consultation and let me show you how I can help you. Call now at 914-923-1298 or email me at or fill out the contact me form within my site for me to contact you.

Wellness vs Illness

Often times we do not make time for our health and wellness. In a busy world we can easily take this for granted as we get caught up in the everyday needs of life. Weather it is work taking up most of your day or extra curricular activities or family life. There is something taking up our time. However if we do not take the time to invest in our health and wellness we will eventually be forced to take time for our illnesses and diseases.

It’s so easy to try and put a price tag on wellness saying well I can’t afford to eat a healthy diet (which sadly I get it, healthier foods tend to be more expensive) or we tend to say we don’t have enough time to make swim thing healthy so we go to a fast food place to grab something quick. (In a busy lifestyle it is easy to get caught up in that routine) especially if you are on the road constantly. It’s easy to say a personal trainer or coach isn’t something I have time for or can afford.

Even for some people they may say well I don’t use my health insurance so why would I need it? (I myself haven’t used it in decades. Yes I still have it) but one way or another it tends to catch up to us someday. When that day comes – what will the real cost to you be? It could be as simple as a few missed days or work or it could be as extreme to a ER visit for a few days. It could be as simple as rest for a few days or it could be as extreme as a major surgery or a major lifestyle change.

I always encourage small steps towards health and wellness. I know as a busy professional myself it can be easy to take health for granted. Not having time to workout, not having time to make healthier meals, or or not even wanting to spend the money because you want to use it for other things. But wellness doesn’t have to be an big time consumer. Even with as little as 5-10 minutes of added exercise or physical activity a day can make all the difference in the beginning. Even just adding a smoothie to your day by throwing in some fruits and vegetables in a blender and it’s as quick as that. Or slowly reducing the amount of liquid calories in a day as well such as carbonated beverages, or lattes, or alcohol. (Though smoothies are a great way to get liquid calories)

The only difference between wellness and illness is we and i. Sometimes for those who try and do it alone end up with illness, but for those who are willing to seek help (even if just a workout buddy) end up with wellness. Don’t go at it alone if you are unsure of what to do to better your wellness. Seek help and guidance. In the end you will be happy you did.

Fear and Growth versus Comfort and Stagnant

Are you in a position in life where you are comfortable? I was once in a position where I was comfortable making decent money but I was not fully satisfied in life. However I was too fearful to make change for the fear of having to take a step back. Although sometimes in life, one does need to take a step back in order to go forward.

Being comfortable is nice but oftentimes does not yield or result in any growth or learning in life. In order to grow we have to push past our comfort zones and sometimes go to places in life where we never thought we would have to. They say no risk no reward. So the greater the risk the greater the reward. What if I fail you ask? But what if you succeed? We cannot always control what exactly happens to us but we can control how we react to the things that happen to us.

Some of the most successful people in the world got to where they are today because they did not let fear hold them back nor did they let their failures hold them back. this same level of fear and disappointment can hold us back from acheiving a better relationship with our health as well. My goal is to help my clients step out of their comfort zone and have the power and confidence to not only be healthy but feel good about themselves when they look into a mirror.

We are our own greatest enemies and often times our own self limiting beliefs can hold us back. So stop and think about where you are in life. Have you grown at all in the last few days? Few months? Few years? If not are you ok with that? Why or why not? Being comfrtable I am not necessarily saying is a bad thing. But I want to encourage everyone reading this to strive to learn something new, take that chance you never took. Take a leap of faith. You may be surprised where you end up.

Health is Wealth

Ever wonder how wealthy people not only become wealthy but stay wealthy? Wealthy people have an abundance of wealth because they have a good relationship and an abundant mindset with wealth. No matter how much they spend or invest they always not only seem to get their investment back but profit out of it. Ever wonder if you could apply that same mindset to your health?

I have become a master of my own physical health. I have a good relationship with health and I never doubt myself nor my body and it’s ability to fight off viruses and disease. No matter what level of stress I am under, my health never seems to fade. I can also seemingly eat anything I want without consequences and always am told I look at least 10 years younger.

I am a certified exercise physiologist who not only works with my clients in the physical plane but mental and emotional plane as well assisting people to be able to create their own health through manifesting it – much like wealthy people manifest success.

Health however does oftentimes become a barrier to success as well. Ever have that state where you just seem to never be able to stay focused because you’re either fatigued or something physically is bothering you? Chances are if you are one of those people your health could very well be playing a factor in your everyday life and ability to focus.

What I do is help others identify such barriers and come up with solutions to breaking down those barriers and clearing a path to overall health. Did you know just by stress eating that can cause your body to utilize the food you eat in a not so favorable way? But at the same time if you eat that same meal or snack under a more relaxed state your body will process it differently? Stress significantly impacts the body in so many ways.

I want to help you have a better relationship with health and a more abundant mindset. Call or schedule a consultation today.

What is Wellness to you?

Is it being free from sickness? Is it being mentally ok? Is it being financially stable? Is it having a good social circle? Is it being in tune with your spiritual side? The truth is none of those answers are wrong. Everyone is going to have a differnet view on what wellness means to them.

I used to think it meant being free from sickness and disease on the physical realm. But it is so much more than that. Stress alone can very easily make us vulnerable to opportunistic infections that our bodies would normally fight off. But because we are using extra energy to combat the negative effects of stress it slightly weakness the immune system as it works to try and maintain homeostasis.

To some people wellness can mean having the energy to get out of bed, it can mean finally having a day where they are not overthinking and stressing out about something. To some people it can be finally having a chance to take break or go on a vacation or even just a walk in the park. I think the definition of wellness to each individual is going to be in part based upon their experiences in life.

So what stresses you out? What throws you off your game? What throws your energy out of balance? What do you do to De-stress? What do you do to try and maintain balance? These are questions I myself have asked time and time again and these are the questions I help other people figure out for themselves. I may be a professional in the field of wellness but I am not an expert on you. I am not walking in your shoes and I am not living your life. I try to help ask the right questions to help others look deeper within themsevles. I feel we are the number one experts of our own health. I help empower others to take charge and take control.