Wellness vs Illness

Often times we do not make time for our health and wellness. In a busy world we can easily take this for granted as we get caught up in the everyday needs of life. Weather it is work taking up most of your day or extra curricular activities or family life. There is something taking up our time. However if we do not take the time to invest in our health and wellness we will eventually be forced to take time for our illnesses and diseases.

It’s so easy to try and put a price tag on wellness saying well I can’t afford to eat a healthy diet (which sadly I get it, healthier foods tend to be more expensive) or we tend to say we don’t have enough time to make swim thing healthy so we go to a fast food place to grab something quick. (In a busy lifestyle it is easy to get caught up in that routine) especially if you are on the road constantly. It’s easy to say a personal trainer or coach isn’t something I have time for or can afford.

Even for some people they may say well I don’t use my health insurance so why would I need it? (I myself haven’t used it in decades. Yes I still have it) but one way or another it tends to catch up to us someday. When that day comes – what will the real cost to you be? It could be as simple as a few missed days or work or it could be as extreme to a ER visit for a few days. It could be as simple as rest for a few days or it could be as extreme as a major surgery or a major lifestyle change.

I always encourage small steps towards health and wellness. I know as a busy professional myself it can be easy to take health for granted. Not having time to workout, not having time to make healthier meals, or or not even wanting to spend the money because you want to use it for other things. But wellness doesn’t have to be an big time consumer. Even with as little as 5-10 minutes of added exercise or physical activity a day can make all the difference in the beginning. Even just adding a smoothie to your day by throwing in some fruits and vegetables in a blender and it’s as quick as that. Or slowly reducing the amount of liquid calories in a day as well such as carbonated beverages, or lattes, or alcohol. (Though smoothies are a great way to get liquid calories)

The only difference between wellness and illness is we and i. Sometimes for those who try and do it alone end up with illness, but for those who are willing to seek help (even if just a workout buddy) end up with wellness. Don’t go at it alone if you are unsure of what to do to better your wellness. Seek help and guidance. In the end you will be happy you did.