How to Cope with Burnout

The first and most important thing to understand for yourself is why are you burned out in the first place. Sometimes we think we know why we are burned out but then when we stop and mediate and mindfully think on it we often times find out it might be for a reason we don’t want to admit. I myself have experienced this a time or two.

Some of the top reasons for being burned out (professionally speaking) is there is no room for growth and advancement, you do not like working for your boss, or you work far too many hours and are unable to recover. People don’t often quit their jobs, they quit their employer – specifically the person they work for. Often times they love the job itself.

I once had a job that I actually liked, but I didn’t like who I worked fr so I ended up quitting. Though I don’t recommend quitting without a back up plan. I ended up looking on the side while keeping my current job (despite the stresses) and managed to get accepted with a new employer so I could comfortably resign.

Though sometimes all we have to do is reframe the situation we are in and look at it from a different angle. If you are working too many hours maybe have someone be trained to back up your position so you can take some much needed time off without the stress of coming back to piles of work. Maybe ask your boss if there is anything more to can do to add value. Most employers will like to have someone on their team who is constantly looking for ways to add value. Sometimes people feel there is no opportunity for growth and advancement but did you ask for the opportunity?

Though sometimes we have to go with our gut and if it feels right maybe it is time to search for a new job opportunity or career that will be more satisfying. No job is worth absorbing high levels of stress. Always remember one thing, you have to look out for you. And if that means starting fresh in a new career job then sometimes it’s what we have to do. Sometimes bad situations pave the way for amazing and unbelievable opportunities. All you have to do is trust the universe and take that chance.

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