What is Wellness to you?

Is it being free from sickness? Is it being mentally ok? Is it being financially stable? Is it having a good social circle? Is it being in tune with your spiritual side? The truth is none of those answers are wrong. Everyone is going to have a differnet view on what wellness means to them.

I used to think it meant being free from sickness and disease on the physical realm. But it is so much more than that. Stress alone can very easily make us vulnerable to opportunistic infections that our bodies would normally fight off. But because we are using extra energy to combat the negative effects of stress it slightly weakness the immune system as it works to try and maintain homeostasis.

To some people wellness can mean having the energy to get out of bed, it can mean finally having a day where they are not overthinking and stressing out about something. To some people it can be finally having a chance to take break or go on a vacation or even just a walk in the park. I think the definition of wellness to each individual is going to be in part based upon their experiences in life.

So what stresses you out? What throws you off your game? What throws your energy out of balance? What do you do to De-stress? What do you do to try and maintain balance? These are questions I myself have asked time and time again and these are the questions I help other people figure out for themselves. I may be a professional in the field of wellness but I am not an expert on you. I am not walking in your shoes and I am not living your life. I try to help ask the right questions to help others look deeper within themsevles. I feel we are the number one experts of our own health. I help empower others to take charge and take control.

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